“Raw bean sprouts” and the dangers you should be careful

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Bean sprouts” are vegetables found in many Thai food menus. Whether it’s vegetables as side dishes for noodles, Pad Thai, fried oysters, salad trays, or even stir-fried bean sprouts that are changed from side dishes to the main menu. Although bean sprouts are often in the food that we eat, if they are “raw bean sprouts” we may not recommend eating them much. Because it may have some negative effects on the body.

Dangers of raw bean sprouts

Raw bean sprouts have been found to be contaminated with bacteria such as Salmonella or E. Coli, which is not only in our country. In foreign countries, contamination with germs has also been found. When growing bean sprouts Humidity and temperature of bean sprouts growing Suitable for the growth of germs as well.

Additionally, bean sprouts may contain bleach that has a high bleaching effect. Because some manufacturers use bleach to soak bean sprouts. To make the bean sprouts white, plump, appetizing and able to be stored for sale for a long time.  โปรโมชั่น ufabet

Although there are certain types of bleach that are allowed in food, such as sodium sulfite. But because it is a bleach that has a low bleaching effect. Therefore, distributors prefer to use a type of bleach that is not permitted for use in food, namely sodium hydrosulfite. This substance has a bleaching effect 2-3 times higher than the first type and can kill microorganisms. But there is danger to the body when consumed, causing shortness of breath. Low blood pressure, abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhea. For people with severe allergies or asthma, symptoms will be more severe, including shock, loss of consciousness, and death.

How to avoid dangers from bean sprouts

  1. Avoid eating raw bean sprouts if you do not know the exact origin of the product.
  2. Always cook bean sprouts until cooked before eating. You may tell the restaurant to cook. Or cook the bean sprouts until cooked before adding them to the noodles. and other food menus, etc. Cooking bean sprouts until cooked before eating. This will cause the hydrosulfite substances that may be present in the bean sprouts to be destroyed by heat. This is safer than eating raw bean sprouts fresh.
  3. Do not choose sprouts that are abnormally white.
  4. If you absolutely must eat raw bean sprouts, dark-colored bean sprouts should be avoided. There are rotten parts mixed in because it can cause diarrhea.