Leeds United 0-2 Manchester United: Issues after the Premier League game

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Leeds United 0-2 Manchester United: Issues after the Premier League game The Red Devils attacked Leeds United last night.

The real Maguire!

It can said that after the Man United fans secretly watch the line-up. Before the game, there might be a slight chill from having the name of the captain like. Harry Maguire on the field as the real one. Which met with Leeds in the first game, even with both Varane. And Martinez starting, the team still got 2 heads open. Which today turn out to unexpecte. Despite being pressured by Leeds United. often. But in the end they manage to keep a clean sheet. While the captain himself had a very light pace to lose the ball in the backfield, fortunately not damage too much to the point of conceding a goal.

Leeds die at the end.

If anyone saw the score but did not watch the game live, they would think. That it was Man United who could easily win, which in fact was not at all. Because today Leeds United was a great pressure chaser, running, crushing, squeezing so high that The visiting team hardly played the game. The chances that the Red Devils had in the first half were all cause by the home team’s own mistakes. But overall, Yung Thong was considered to have played according to the plan and had a chance to have a point in his hand. Even in the first half of the second, they still looked good, but played and played, began to be persistent and came faintly in the last 10 minutes until losing a goal from Rashford’s header, after which they had to attack more, hoping for The door returned until the back floated and hit another ball. Causing in the end to have to lose unfortunately, the type that, if concentrated more, would have received at least 1 important point

Casemiro really matters.

Many people may think that it is not very bad because this game can collect 3 points, but I have to say that it really catches, especially in the midfield game that uses Fred and Sabitzer to drive the game. Which seems that both of them are not bad, have mistakes or do anything ugly. But when the team needs someone with the vision to make games from the back, these two don’t seem to be the answer. Because when Leeds were forced to press very hard, both could not control the game in the middle of the field at all. No cymbals Unlike Casemiro, who had previously proven himself to be truly world-class. It’s good that it’s not a big game, but still there’s another game against Leicester where the Brazilian midfielder still has to pay a ban. Plus, the Foxes are very hot these days.

Ten Hag solved the game effectively.

Have to watch Erik Ten Hag. Who after hit by Leeds, has squeezing hard since the start of the game. He decided to send Martinez in as a defence. Rocking Shaw as usual and Carnacho in for a counter-attack. Which the Red Devils began to control in the final 20 minutes. And slowly attacking and massaging. Before getting the excellence of Luke Shaw. Who returns to stand as a left-back. Opens from the side precisely for the old Rashford to strike like Fits perfectly into the door. When the team took the lead, it immediately went their way. Because the home team has no choice. They have to open the game to attack and when the back area is more open. The still-strong youngster Carnacho challenges the duel with speed, pulls away and shoots the goal, closes the box. Helping the team get 3 points back. in the end